About us

 Dear Retailer: 

Here is the Supplies Catalog. Please take few minutes to look through the website. You'll soon discover that we have just about anything you may need in shoe store supplies. We have Backroom Supplies and a sizable assortment of Retail Merchandise. 

We have pride ourselves on our service and we make your satisfaction "our priority". Because we understand your business, we are always responsive to your needs. Our experienced Team of Experts will assure that you receive their exceptional personalized service. We know that the more we help to achieve your goals the more you'll continue to improve your business and increase your profits. 

We have two fully stocked warehouses and enjoy an exclusive relationship with many of our suppliers throughout the world. This allows you to choose from our extensive inventory of Brand-Name as well as specialized "hard-to-find" products. Because of our buying power and inventory we are able to provide our customers with the most competitive prices in the industry. And if you are interested in purchasing in large quantities and are looking for volume pricing, just pick up the phone and call us for a quote. 

Saderma Leather & Shoe Findings was founded in 1974, The company's growth is the result of our focus on customer satisfaction and the ability to address the needs of an ever changing marketplace. We gratefully acknowledge the loyalty of our customers, many of whom have enjoyed our services for more than three decades. Because we have helped them grow they in turn have helped us earn the reputation of being the most respected in the industry. 

We are now one of the largest distributions of shoe care and backroom shoe supplies and continue to expand through mergers and acquisitions of major distributors including Russo, S.H. Frank and Cobblers Source. 

If you have a question about any of our products or are looking for some special item that you are not able to find in our catalog just call. We'll be happy to research it for you. 

Yours for better business